Air Sloop, an innovative pick up and deliver game set in a steampunk world, is coming soon from a partnership between Tesseray Games and independent game designer Dr. Dave Eng.
Steampunk games have never been more fun!

Join the Air Sloop crew in the world of Dave Eng and enjoy this new, immersive, steampunk board game. Be one of the first to play and be a part of the great steampunk tradition.

The game is easy enough for beginners yet offers high re-playability for even the most seasoned gamers. There are six different airships to pick from to explore a map that changes every time.

Dave’s design was influenced by popular tabletop games Splendor, Century Spice Road, and Windward.

Air Sloop is a quick to start pick-up-and-deliver game set high in the clouds. It combines abstract game elements, low rules threshold, high replayability, modular expanding board, and multi-use cards.

Tesseray Games is a Minnesota based company focused on bringing family friendly, story rich, and highly re-playable games by independent designers to the world.

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