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The Deck of Possibilities, a supplemental card system for traversal and exploration in Tabletop Role Playing Games (TTRPGs), is coming soon from a partnership between Tesseray Games and Velvet Fang.

Skip the complicated tables and spend your time adventuring!

A groundbreaking solution for managing travel and random encounters in TTRPGs. Rather than GMs and players spending their time bouncing around tedious tables, the Deck of Possibilities allows GMs to instantly create robust and responsive sets of encounters and happenstances while adventuring in the campaign’s world.

Created by Stacy Poor, founder of Velvet Fang, to combat losing a lot of game time and content development because of having to create, reference, and update roll tables throughout a campaign. It became a solution which works with all TTRPG systems, with the first iteration focusing on 5th Edition.

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Stacy Poor Deck of Possibilities Tesseray and Velvet Fang
In April of 2018, Stacy “GoodGameKitty” Poor had just become a full-time gas station employee. The night before her first shift, she sat down to figure out a single monster stat block for 5e. This quickly snowballed into the beginnings of a much larger project which, in less than six months, led her to quit the gas station gig and start a company that would be formalized in 2020 as Velvet Fang.
The Deck of Possibilities started as a bit of an accident. One of Velvet Fang’s earlier TTRPG campaigns had an issue with too many roll tables, and playtesters were losing a lot of game time because of how many tables they had to roll on before proceeding with an encounter.

One day, the company did an experiment: they replaced roll tables with individual playing cards, each card representing a combination of results from the original series of roll tables. They had playtesters draw from a deck of these cards instead of rolling on any tables. This cut down on lost game time and, in true Velvet Fang fashion, expanded and grew into a full-fledged project that would be called the Deck of Possibilities, a supplemental card system for traversal and discovery in TTPRGs.

Velvet Fang is an RPG company that specializes in ludonarrative design.

Tesseray Games is a Minnesota based company focused on bringing family friendly, story rich, and highly re-playable games by independent designers to the world.

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