Air Sloop Game Design Journal Entry 12 DIY Game Prototype

Dave leverages DIY game prototypes to maintain momentum as he iterates through a number of different ideas.

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I realized after that I got my copy from the Game Crafter that I would need to make more adjustments and changes to the game overall. It was nice to get better components to the game; but there were still some significant changes that I wanted to make and waiting for new components to be printed and shipped from TGC would have taken too much time.
Air Sloop Journal Entry 12 DIY Game Prototype
Instead I focused on creating more at home prototype components. Specifically focusing on the cards of the game and what I could do to make them as streamlined as possible.

I was keeping with the tradition of getting the most amount of mileage out of the game as possible by utilizing both sides of the card for information as well as creating a way for cards to be reused as they are fulfilled for orders to further expand the board.

Now that I had new layouts of the cards I could create these prototypes more easily at home and create the cards myself.

What I needed to focus on next was how points were awarded next for specific contracts fulfilled. I knew that I still wanted certain goods to be worth more than other goods. I reflected that in the cards with contacts with green goods being worth 3 points per green good and 1 point for every other good. It made sense in my head.

I was still to be seen in game play if this was an equitable distribution of points…

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Fun Fact: Dave has been seasick in every time zone.

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