Air Sloop Board Game Design Journal Entry 9 More Pitches

Designer Dave Eng tackles more Game Publisher Pitches in the ninth entry of the Air Sloop design journal.

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One of the last publishers that I pitched Sloop too was Quality Beast. Quality Beast may not be a well-known publisher – but I was connected to them through their Kickstarter Campaign for Seize the Bean.
I was already seasoned for the kind of interaction I would have with a publisher as I was pitching them a game from my time with Pandasaurus and AEG. So I went into this pitch with the same opening and introduction to the game as before knowing that I was going to get some notes and feedback on the game play so far.

Dylan shared that he would want to review this game with the rest of this team if they were going to move forward with publishing it.

Air Sloop Design Journal 9 More Publisher Feedback
Though there was a lot of interesting things that’s he shared about the game. Specifically, that mechanically the aspect of moving around the board; picking up goods; flipping cards was very compelling. However, that aspect of the game made it “noisy.” There were many components and icons around that made it hard for players to know what the game state was exactly.

I agreed with this knowing that it was a prototype. However, I was struggling to think about what I would do to tone down the amount of information necessary to present to players while also providing the amount of depth that I wanted to share as well.

Dylan’s last feedback was about the application of the cards in the game as tiles as well as the ability to improve and change one’s boat as the game went on. I thought that the boat upgrades as a pretty compelling game dynamic that I wanted to explore in depth. I put that in the back of my mind as I explored how else to incorporate this feedback from another publisher.

Tesseray Games Independent Publisher
Dr Dave Eng Independent Game Designer

About The Designer

Dave Eng EdD, Principal is an intellectual and creative educator, designer, and researcher who combines games, theory, and technology. Dave has played games for most of his life. As a result he studies game design, creates games, and teaches others how to use games for education and learning. Find out more at

Fun Fact: Dave has been seasick in every time zone.

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